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Whats is Wojak

Everyone loves Wojak. Elon loves Wojak. Even Wojak loves Wojak. He simply knows it all. When in doubt, ask Wojak. He is here for you. In his humble demeanour, he will blow you away.
Why even go see your doctor if you have Wojak, your wife or husband are giving you trouble, see Wojak. You have constipation, see Wojak. You don’t know where you are going in life, see Wojak.
I mean let’s be real here. Who doesn’t like Wojak. His giga brain is too sizeable for the average Joe.

Taking Over The Space With $Wojak

$Wojak will takeover the meme space by surprise. Was stealth launched and locked for about 690 months (about 57 years) with a renounced contract. Wojak’s knowledge will blow away even the most prominent scholars.

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